Rencontre avec les grands groupes énergétiques mondiaux


As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Shell plays a key role in delivering the world’s energy needs. Explanations given by Bernard Auplat (IFP 80 and ESPCI), Vice-President Shell Crude Oil Trading.

Bernard Auplat (IFP 80, ESPCI), Vice-president Crude Oil Trading, Shell International Trading & Shipping Co Ltd.

Bernard Auplat (IFP 80, ESPCI), Vice-president Crude Oil Trading, Shell International Trading & Shipping Co Ltd.


A “dynamic and global” market
Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. Its strategy focuses on two issues: reinforcing its position as a leader in the gas and oil industry and helping to meet global energy demand. “Shell Trading” explains Bernard Auplat, “operates in every major energy market around the world. I believe our experience and reach give us a unique status and the means to meet our customers’ and counterparties’ growing needs”. Just to give an idea trades an average of 8 million barrels of Crude oil per day for refineries and other customers. “In total, adds Bernard Auplat, we trade volumes of around 14 million barrels of crude oil equivalent per day in crude oil, refined products, natural gas, electrical power, chemicals and environmental products !” As the VP, Bernard Auplat faces great challenges in a very dynamic and global market. As he says, “in our business change is rapid and the need for innovation is constant. we must combine wide reach with a depth of experience and an ethical approach to


In crude oil trading, everything goes fast
“Crude oil trading is fast-paced” insists Bernard Auplat, You have to make decisions fast and continue to make money for the company, meaning that managing risk in a balanced way is essential ! It’s business is constantly changing so we have to keep learning all the time which is quite fascinating”. Today, Shell International Trading & Shipping Co Ltd ships oil and gas all around the world and is one of the world’s largest charterer of ships with over 6,000 oil fixtures a year, “equivalent to delivering 8.000 litres of oil per second !” says Bernard Auplat. And the Vice-President to claim very strongly that in all elements of the business, safety is and must be the key word : “Safe delivery of cargo is crucial and we carefully vet all vessels that we trade. Moreover, we operate within all the regulations and regulated market requirements and our own Shell Business Principles. All competences are required to deliver a safe and compliant activity.” ,Regarding the new energy future, Shell has a very strong, dynamic and innovative policy. This involves delivering cleaner energy and helping its customers to use less energy. The firm is already one of the largest distributors of bio-fuels in the world. In 2010, Shell sold 9.6 billion litres of bio-fuels in petrol or diesel blends. In its Sustainability Report (which can be downloaded on Shell website), Shell notes that if bio-fuel make up around 3 % of the global road transport fuel mix today, this is predicted to rise to 9 % by 2030. At the same time, more coal, oil and natural gas will be needed in the next decades to meet growing global energy needs. And reading the Sustainability Report, we learn that by 2050, these energy sources are expected to meet 60 % of demand. “Energy underpins the way we live today and supports the hope of a better future for many. All sources of energy will be needed to meet rising global demand. ,Shell is working to help meet this demand while managing at the same time our CO2 emissions in our refineries and across our businesses”, concluded Bernard Auplat.


What is Shell approach with the graduates ?
We are always looking for talent worldwide with graduate skills and strong motivation to join us. Then, we train them for two years. Different careers may be followed with us : in the front, back office, support functions. Shell offers a range of opportunities and challenges. You know, the pace is rapid in our business. That’s why our people need to be flexible, agile and ready to learn quickly. Shell Figures + 90 countries where Shell operates About 93,000 number of employees 48 % of shell production is natural gas 145 billion litres of fuel sold in 2010 Shell markets and trades an average of 8 million barrels of oil per day






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