As a world-leading center for research and education, the University of Cambridge welcomes more than 18 000 students and 9 000 staff members. Lucas Grüner, French student at EDHEC Business School, completed a double-degree program in Economics at the British institution from 2013 to 2014. He asserts how this mobility program resulted in a fulfilling and enlightening journey.

Cambridge Trinity Street

Cambridge Trinity Street

An academic challenge in a multicultural environment
Through his academic program, L. Grüner lived a unique experience with students from a variety of social and academic backgrounds. “ My curriculum covered technical topics such as microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics. But many of my classmates had a background in engineering, mathematics or social sciences. ” This intensive track fostered his openmindedness and economic literacy. “ The academic calendar is more condensed than in France, with shorter terms and more time for individual homework and research. Examinations are performed at the end of the year, so it’s important to keep up with lectures ! ” While going deep into quantitative and theoretical knowledge, he still kept free time for personal activities. “I met inspiring people at the events organized by faculties and student societies, such as the Cambridge Union Society. It is also a unique place for culture, with very active music societies and a great museum ! ”


An excellency hub base d on research uniqueness
As a LERU institution tackling transnational scientific problematics, the British institution covers a wide range of discipline from clinical and animal sciences to big data. L. Grüner emphasizes that many Cambridge students choose to get experience working with professors on research topics, or interning with international institutions to strengthen their professional profile. “ Some of my fellows used to work at the United Nations or the World Bank. My particular program was a taught course, yet many students would like to pursue a PhD and Cambridge is undoubtedly a fantastic place for tackling that sort of challenge. ” Enchanted by this state-of-the-art academic entity, he decided to come back to Cambridge after a two-month internship at the French Embassy in Thailand. He is currently completing his MPhil in Economics degree before joining a financial advisory firm in September 2015. “ I will work in the field of mergers and acquisitions in Frankfurt, where I expect to make good use of the theories I learned ”. The young man asserts that the best word to characterize his Cambridge experience is “ Inspiration ”. “ Cambridge is a symbolic place with a long history of excellence. It was a home to many great minds from Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking. There is something highly inspiring about this city and the people you meet here. Of course, one should expect to work hard and maybe with more autonomy than in the French system. But the adventure is worth the hours spent at the library. Go for it, it’s a wonderful experience ! ”


• A 800-year academic history (foundation in the early 12th century)
• More than 18 000 students and 9 000 staff members
31 Colleges and 150 Departments, Faculties and Schools
• One of the top 3 universities targeted by Britain’s leading graduate employers (The Graduate Market 2014)
• More than 1 500 technology-based firms and £13bn in total revenue for the Cambridge cluster




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