INSEAD’s ranking as #1 by Financial Times in the past two years is a result of the efforts of our staff and faculty, and the professional success of our alumni.


We think very often about the mission of INSEAD – why do we exist? We are a standalone business school with a not-for-profit mission to develop the future leaders, managers, entrepreneurs who, with their skills and expertise, can transform the world for the better. If we succeed in developing these people, they will create companies, accelerate growth, reduce poverty and improve the state of the world. As the Business School for the World, our graduates are spread all over the world and this is how we achieve our impact.

A very important measure of success is the impact of our alumni

We know that business creation, business innovation are the only sustainable sources of long-term economic growth. And economic growth is what lifts people out of poverty, increases economic welfare and correlates with many key indicators of human development. In the process of creating value for their companies, we believe that business leaders must be aware about the broader impact they have on the society to find solutions that both maximize profits and the positive impact on the society.
If our alumni lead in this way, I will consider that the school has been very successful. And our community of 55,000 alumni in 174 countries has been very keen on addressing key social challenges either through social enterprises or in their everyday work at companies or other organizations.

Experience at INSEAD is a true transformation of the way they see the world

Beyond the standard knowledge they acquire in strategy, finance, accounting, etc., our alumni experience at INSEAD a true transformation of the way they see the world. At INSEAD, everyone is a minority with the largest nationality only at 11%. During this year, they learn how to work with people from different cultures, different backgrounds. They lean how they make decisions, what blind spots they have, how they communicate and work with teams.

INSEAD is recognized as a leading business school with impactful academic research and outstanding teaching quality

Another key component of success is to have a vibrant intellectual environment at the school that allows our faculty to do research at the frontier of management sciences, to address key challenges that business face and to produce innovative teaching materials that help in the process of developing future business leaders.
We are among the largest providers of executive education, our faculty publishes in the top academic journals. During the past 58 years, INSEAD has been continuously at the forefront of innovation in management education. The school’s success goes well beyond the wildest expectations of our founders.

Ilian Mihov, 2030 l’Odyssée de l’INSEAD