On Wednesday, June 17th, I met Mr. Russell Palmer, CEO of the Palmer Group and principal owner of Schiller International University (SIU). Together with SIU top managers, he highlighted the American university’s main goal to prepare students for future challenges in a global business environment.

A glance at the US university system

Dr.Manuel Alonso-Puig, the President of SIU, started off by underlining the main characteristics of the American academic system. “ The US system supposes an academic program that seeks excellence by encouraging interaction as well as learning by doing. These ways help students better understand technical issues in domains such as politics, economics or diplomacy.” “By sharing ideas with fellow students and teachers from different cultures, American students are able to both enhance their professional skills and develop themselves as persons”, added R. Palmer, former Dean of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

An international training at SIU

Dr. Alonso-Puig also stressed that students need to prepare themselves to work in international environments which will help them over the long-run in their careers. “ In times of globalization, they need to remain open-minded and able to work on developing different professional skills. This is one of the main goals we strive for at SIU. ” According to R. Palmer, this academic policy cannot be solely developed in the classroom. “ By being used to dealing with other cultures and exchanging with fellow students from more than 40 countries, SIU students enhance their ability to work in a global business context.”

What are the pros of living a global academic experience ?

James Brown, Director of the Paris campus of SIU, perfectly answers this question by insisting on the state of mind that Schiller students develop during their time studying abroad : “ in these day and age, nobody is going to follow a linear career path. By living an international academic experience, students become even more able to deal with setbacks and pick themselves up after pitfalls that may happen in the course of their careers. ” Welcoming Bachelor and Master students for their long-term programs and global academic experiences, “ SIU achieves its main goal : namely, to prepare knowledgeable, culturally adaptable and responsible leaders ready to take on the challenges of their future professional careers. ”

Jean Baptiste Najman